Jungleburbia III

Part One

Part Two

Ach!  The suburban anthropologist has returned to the lost land of Jungleburbia, where wonders abound and no humans live.

But this time, it is approaching the Winter Solstice and the scenery has changed in enormous ways!


Next to a stream, I see a Tumblin’ Tumbleweed! My friends back home in civilization, especially those East Coasters, will be thrilled to know what the icon of so many cowboy songs truly looks like.


Tumbleweeds have little sharp spears along their spiny leaves. They will scratch a person for sure!


There is a canopy of color that can only come at the end of the cycle of Autumn,  so I wander, lost and loving it.


A brilliant spray of red, silhouetted against a tree that still is vibrant green! Why, it is the color of Christmas, so far out here in the middle of the wilderness.

blue and gold evening sky sacto 2009

But enough for today! I have travelled for miles and seek a place to camp under the crescent moon. I will light a crackling Tumblin’ Tumbleweed fire!