Xenonlit’s Fifteen Reasons For Not Making Home Made Gifts

1.  I don’t have enough rubber bands



2.  The FIMO clay baking pans were NOT a hit ten years ago.

3.  You can’t mail chicken.

4.  It is not smart to use baggies filled with baking soda for stuffed animals.

5.  Fermentation is a complicated process.

6.  Sewing is a complicated process. You have to get all of the pins out.

7.  Getting a “round tuit” is not funny to some people who have no humor.

8.  Men eventually sober up.



9.  Gift certificates for free babysitting are nothing but an invitation to trouble.

10. Mrs. Lopez was using marijuana, not flowers, for her “special” sachet stuffing. Even the mayor got arrested.

11.  The post office had roaches.

12.  You can’t watch the thirteen month old who knows how to take off her diaper EVERY minute while you’re packing the homemade cookies!

13. You REALLY need to know the Chinese language if you’re going to do t-shirts with those faddish Chinese Characters on them.


14.  Just because it can be knitted, doesn’t mean that it should be knitted.

15. A how-to book on taxidermy can cause terrible things to happen when people really love their older pets. I would have to look at those things and possibly pet them.