The Three Best Online Political Research Sites

Research is a terrible thing to waste.

For objective, comprehensive and detailed factoids, there are three on line resources that should be in everyone’s bookmarks and RSS feeds (if you understand RSS feeds). The author has little clue. They scare us.

These sites are free of charge and have been around for a while.

If you comment, I encourage you to add non partisan and objective links to your own (free of charge) favorites.




Center for Responsive Politics: Open Secrets

The first is If you want to track campaign contributions, lobbying activities, political action committee influence, 527 organizations, industry profiles, and personal finances, this is the place to go.

The overall benefit of this site is to aid campaign finance reform through knowledge and information. The site favors not one side over the other and is neither liberal nor conservative. There is also analysis, in depth reporting, and current information on other elections matters. To find out who is getting what from whom, this is the place to go.




Project Vote

Next, to find out how someone is voting, there is Project Vote. This is another objective site that gets into the voting records of the politicians. The most fundamental help that this site provides is in the special interest area. If you want to see how a representative or Senator votes on Veterans, Senior, or other issues, there are ratings that are given by certain, large organizations that represent large groups.

The site also offers articles, analysis and news about voting, voting events, and voting problems.

To find out how they played once they got paid, this site offers excellent summation.





Finally, the behemoth of sites, Govtrack is a portal to paths down which you may go for days. From state of the art widgets that allow us to track individual bills, to customized pages where we can collect all of the bills that we are interested in, to search engines for finding bills by subject, number, or name, this site has it all!

You can choose from a host of “trackers” and add them to your custom trackers page. The trackers are feeds which keep the information current and without bias or interfering interpretation.

You can also call up a bill and find individual sections that are of interest, even if the bill is huge.

There is also news, current events, a portal to all of the individual politicians, and an incredibly rich amount of detail.