The Billionaire Boys Club Isn’t As Phat As It Used To Be!



The New York Times has an incredible article titled “After a 30-Year Run, Rise Of The Super-Rich Hits A Sobering Wall”.

It would be well worth your time to give this article a read, after you read and rate my post, and click on an ad, of course.

According to a Forbes article, some 350 billionaires were thrown out of the club, worldwide.  The US tops the list with 125 drop offs, followed by Russia. India took the hugest financial hits, which is fine with me, given the number of Indian finance clowns who have infiltrated our finance infrastructure and jacked it up.

But two individuals who lost weren’t finance scam machines, but icons who actually created something that is a big part of life in America!

Jon McAfee, the anti-virus icon,  went from 100 million worth to 4 million.   His story is a major part of  the New York Times article.

I wanted to find and highlight another person who was an icon of invention, and to see how he was doing. I thought of Frederick W. Smith, Founder of Fedex. He is #559 on Forbes drop off list.

I highly encourage all to read the entire New York Times article, which is a rich summary of the rise and fall of the rich, but which provides comparisons with the flat or lost income that the rest of us suffered.

I wanted to find a couple of people who truly deserved to give it up and found these three interesting sources.

“Forbes In Pictures: Notable Drop-Offs”

Rupert Murdoch Took A Big Hit This Year

Suze Orman Had An Idea For Bush

HERES A CHALLENGE: At “Forbes In Pictures” can you find someone who really deserved to get a check-ectomy?  Or someone who has been a great philanthropist, like Bill Gates, who is giving most of his money away?

If you write a blog and tell us what the person did that was good, bad or ugly, you can add a link to the comments here!