A Song For The Right Wing Politicians

Yes! Run a good thing round and

Round and down

Yes, say one thing and do another
When you’d lie to your own mothers.

Offer nothing but build it up and up
Go sing one song, then talk another
Yes, sing a song so tuneless

(Patriots, they say they are
The real and truest of Americans
The real and true of Christianity
The blessed of our Lord and savior

They bring ugly and it costs us pretty
And they decide we get what’s left
And grab the best for themselves)

You’re mean and fat and nasty to the poor
Such crooked lives, so conscience free
With no better plan to speak

(Patriarchs, they say they are
The sons of fathers of our blessed land
The real and truest of Americans
First in line to feast the good things)

Your suns are dying, setting down and down
While anger’s rising all around
Much too soon, you wag your guns

True blindness happens when the sun won’t shine
When there’s no lamp shine on such wrong
Good will leave you, good will leave

(Matriarchs, they say they are
They’ll send your children off to fight our wars
The real and truest of all great women
First in line to sell their bald tales)

First in line to fake your wails
First in line to shake your hair
First in line with hateful stares

First in line with the guns
First in line for the drugs
First in line to grab the dirt
When only dirt is left here.