Of Cuts and Whacks and Bullet Trains: California’s Budget

PhotobucketCalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t missed too many welfare, health, social services, or educational categories for whacking with his meat axe budget cutting.

He has refused to tax the rich, increase taxes on excessive bonuses and pay, make the corporations pay their fair share, or deal with the bloated California personnel benefits budget, which eats up most of our budget.

Yeah, yeah, the corporations whined that they were starving  in California. The truth is that the corporations and developers were handed the keys to the kingdom.  Wait until they start whining about YOUR state, and how hard it is to survive there, despite the ridiculous tax and other breaks.  The corporations and developers never covered the costs, or gave us a return on the incentives that got them to come here.

Arnold has no clue as to how he intends to deal with prematurely released criminals, even lower income welfare recipients and furloughed State employees. At the same time,  he makes decisions that will result in distressing cuts in law enforcement budgets, especially at the county and municipal levels.


But Arnold wants his European style bullet train.

Dan Walters Opinion about the $40 billion High Speed train project for California

Note Columnist Dan Walters’ rant about why we’re screwing around with bullet trains at a time like this.  Dan exposes Nevada interests who are getting their fingers into the pie, as they push for bullet train routes to the gambling capitols!

Anyone for Anaheim, CA to Las Vegas? How about Victorville CA to Las Vegas?

The California High Speed Rail Authority and it’s “California’s High Speed Train System” home page.

Notice how they push and push and push this “private/public” partnership scam.  Right now, the “Public/Private Partnership” part of the mess is mostly public. The “Private” contributions are completely indeterminate . These people duck and dodge more than a fool who joins Dick Cheney on a hunting trip!

We already have enormous debt, 9 billion stuck in a black hole of a “Bond” requirement for the bullet train: The 9 billion only funds getting ready to get ready to build the sucker!  Whoa!  The whole price tag?  Try $40 billion PLUS the hidden costs that will probably double the costs!


Now here’s the gist of my problems with a 200 mph bullet train in California.

1. We can’t afford the “hidden” costs, which include

…Servicing the debt interest. Don’t ask me how we’re already in debt. Just don’t ask. Please.

…The inevitable litigation costs stemming from challenges to environmental impact assessments,

…The “incentives” and handouts to the vendors, investors, developers and hordes of out of state clowns who want everything and who give up nothing in California.

2. Out of area firms and individuals to mess up the work. You watch…half of the overrated or corrupt transportation bottom feeders from the Eastern Seaboard of America will flock here to rob us blind, corrupt the system, screw up in major ways, just to walk away with way too much compensation for building a bullet train that’s never been built before.

It killed me when so many of the Bay Area Rapid Transit positions involved an almost automatic form of out of state recruiting. We already had existing transportation systems that meant that I didn’t have to own or drive a car for 5 years! (Until I went to Grad School and needed that cherry Camaro like a junkie needs a fix.)

3. Will only non-natives be stupid enough to get into a metal tube and try to hurtle at ground level, through one of the most earthquake prone places on the planet, at 200 MPH?

Take a peek at our recent quakes!

4. Not that I admit to having any faults, but California and Nevada sure do…Geez Louise. 

Just go to usgs. gov and find a world map of seismic activity. California is really a Red state, when it comes to shaking and quaking!


Bullet trains, indeed. How about “high speed” care for the disabled and low income who are housebound? How about a “silver bullet” for the crowding in our classrooms?  How about staffing, “training” and financing the front line law enforcement who will have to deal with the furloughed prisoners who won’t be able to compete with non criminals are desperate to get a job.

What a stubborn Dummy.  Now I don’t mind a dummy too much, but a stubborn dummy really gets to me.

Next, they’ll want more tax on “fatty foods, like tobacco”!*

When are we going to have a recall?

* I just heard Jack Cafferty’s reading this. It was some person’s comment to CNN.


2 thoughts on “Of Cuts and Whacks and Bullet Trains: California’s Budget

  1. California is suffering from a self inflicted wound. California has spent the state into bankruptcy mostly on social service programs. California spent them selfs in this mess, let the cut spending until they are out of this self inflicted finical mess.

    • Well, California has been revenue positive, helping to finance other states that are historically too doggone stupid to contribute to the Federal Coffers. And all of your “open door” policy on illegal immigrants has just about done us in, since we don’t even get our OWN money back to pay for the costs. And, in case you’ve forgotten, how much did we contribute after Oklahoma City and 911?

      I can’t wait to see what happens when those money sucking states lose out on California’s money! I’ll have no sympathy for any of you.

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