Dialogue on Race? It’s More About The Monologues On Race.

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Paris Texas is ground zero for the truth about America and it’s racial realities.  The fact is that there will never be “dialogues” on race. We need to realize that.  There are only going to be competing monologues on race far beyond your grandchildren’s lifetimes.  At best, we will continue to have disparate viewpoints on the never ending cycles of incidents, escalations, capitulations, and then silence.

Paris Texas has been in the news lately because of a terrible dragging death of a Black man.  He and his friends, who were White, were out partying and drinking, when the Black friend decided that the driver was too drunk to be driving. He opted to walk home and managed to get run over and dragged about seventy feet.

The friends were the obvious suspects of choice, but the prosecutor in Paris, Texas decided to drop the homicide charges for “lack of evidence”.  The two friends were released after eight months in jail.

Do you know how much “evidence” is left on your truck when you drag a Black man seventy feet?  Apparently there is no such thing as evidence in Paris, Texas and elswhere, when the victim is Black.

Apparently, someone else came along and muttered that he “might have” done the deed. That person isn’t going to be prosecuted, either.

Now let’s get real about dragging a human body 70 feet. There will be enormous amounts of blood, scraps of clothing, gobbets of flesh, bone matter, and organ tissue flying around into parts of your truck or vehicle.  Any idiot can find out within minutes, even years after such an incident,  which vehicle killed and dragged a human being for seventy feet.

But apparently, the prosecutor in Paris Texas is not supported by just any idiots.

Paris, Texas is also the home of extreme disparities in sentencing, where a Black 14 year old  slightly shoved a teacher, while a White child of about the same age burned her parent’s house down.

The shoving incident happened after weeks of retaliatory disciplinary harrassment over the child’s mother participating in a protest over racial problems at her school.  The child had no previous bad record and was actually a hall monitor when the Proffesor Gates-like harrassment led her to act out in her own interests.

The White 14 year old was given probation while the Black child was sentenced to seven years in jail.  She was later released when a State level panel found, essentially, that Paris Texas is a shitty, racist mess.

In April of this year, Paris Texas was host to racist graffitti, hangman’s nooses, and a host of other nastiness at the Turner Industries Pipe Fabrication plant.

This is found at the Turner Industries Website:

We accept responsibility for being involved in communities in which we live and work. We are focused on being a good corporate citizen and we back this up with action and financial aid.”

Thomas H. Turner, Vice Chairman Turner Industries Group

Yeah, sure, ya betcha, ya racist sons of bitches at Turner Pipe Plant!

And, on july 22, the proof was in the pudding. There was no “dialogue” on race going on in Paris Texas. There were multiple monologues from the Skinheads, KKK, and Neo Nazis showing up to compete with the New Black Panthers and the few Black people of Paris who were brave enough to come out and protest the dragging case.

The topic of the protests: you shouldn’t be able to drag a Black man to death and walk away from it!

The only dialogue possible at that event was “White Power!” vs “Black Power!”

The only dialogue possible anywhere else is only going to be a series of monologues.

Racists want dominance over Black people, and they want to take the best things, including complete freedom from consequences for their crimes against people of color,  for themselves.

Integrationists want us to work and live side by side, with equal opportunity.

The completely unrealistic just want the idea of Race to go away and for us all to just stop bringing it up.

Dialogue will not be possible in Oakland after the next White cop murders an innocent Black man in a Bart Station or on the street.

Dialogue is not going on when a Nationally prominent Black citizen is harrassed in his own home until a White cop finds an excuse to arrest him. It’s just a series of monologues.

Dialogue is not going on when the hundreds of thousands of Black men, women and children tell their stories of police profiling, intimidation, harassment, murder and abuse. Those are monologues that don’t get heard.

Dialogue is not going on when there is rampant and disparate sentencing differences between Whites and everyone else. (Ask Tim Allen, a major star of “family oriented television and film”…and former coke dealer. 1.4 pounds of coke!  28 months.

Dialogue didn’t go on when family oriented film star Tim Allen’s Black college peer who, at the same time, had enough crack for his own use was sentenced to years under an official 100 to 1 sentencing differential that is in place right now.)

President Bill Clinton didn’t want any dialogue when he refused to change the 100 to 1 sentencing differential between the White drug and the Poor and Colored folks drug.

There’s no dialogue about the disparate outrage and legal consequences that were demanded when Janet Jackson showed her nipple, vs  Britany Spears flashing her va jay jay. Was she even arrested for that?

And knock it off! You know that your kids have seen more photos of Britany’s va jay jay than they have of Janet’s boring nipple.)

There’s no dialogue about police invasions of the wrong homes in Black communities, leading to death of innocents. The cops can talk about it. Their victims are dead. No dialogue is possible in those cases.

There’s no dialogue going on about plainclothed police attacking a 12 year old (Texas again)  without identifying themselves, then arresting the 12 year old for assault on a police officer. No dialogue was allowed in court.

In summary: The only “dialogues” going on are

First, between people who are already of like minds on the issue of racism in America.  Only people who are already in significant agreement with each other are able to “dialogue” without having a major brawl about the issue.

Second, dialogue can go on in situations where there are people guarding the place with serious weapons and hand to hand fighting skills, plus the authority to knock heads and lock people up.

Third, bland and compliant monologues disguised as dialogues go on in situations where the job, career, school grades, or financial standing will be lost if people DON’T get along.

People begin these so-called “dialogues” with their minds set one way or another. People leave these so-called “dialogues”  with their mindsets set in the same positions.

Here is information about the protests in Paris, Texas.

(San Francisco) Bayview National Black Newspaper.

UPI “Race Protests To Continue In Paris, Texas”.

Telegraph, UK.

Here are two examples of the “race monologues” that may be a better way to describe our private and national conversations about race and racism.

A Google Post Titled “Ship Those Niggers Back”

An opposing monologue

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6 thoughts on “Dialogue on Race? It’s More About The Monologues On Race.

      • Oh! I see. Yes, it probably was an accident, but involuntary manslaughter and driving while drunk is a crime! An innocent man lost his life. His family is not eligible for insurance, justice, compensation, or anything from the people who killed him. You don’t let people walk away from their crimes in Austria. I’ve driven through there.

  1. Dont you understand? The police dont care. In NJ a cop drives through a STOP sign at 65 mph on a 30 mph road while chasing a speeder. He slams into a car in the intersection and kills two teenaged girls. He didnt so much as get time off unpaid. The goverment and legal system in this country is a joke. There arent just two sets of rules, there are dozens of them broken down by race, social status, political ties, etc.

    • Definitely, you have my agreement. The system is a joke! I just hope to point out the worst excesses, so we get ticked off enough to vote accordingly. Our votes are all we have anymore.

    • This is so true. The police are so broken down emotionally and mentally (even when they’re in small towns or quiet communities) from the general craziness, that they become casualties, themselves. The debate on engaging in high speed chases, vs letting it go in order not to jeopardize lives, seems to have been shut down. The debate over suspending, firing, and disciplining rogue officers is definitely shut down. They have aggressive, paid for Union attack dogs. The average citizen would go broke trying to get the same aggressive legal representation.

      The system is broken and needs to be fixed before good cops, innocent people, and justice itself goes into the crapper.

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