Fictional Character Conversation Exercise: “The Kite Runner”


Amir: “Dude..want some breakfast?”

Sohrab:  “Well, yeah, dude.  How’s my English?”

Amir:  “You are in Fremont, California.  It doesn’t matter unless you forget your engineering and computer science buzz words.”

Sohrab:  “Hmmm.  Buzz words.  I have learned many of them. ‘Cloud logic’ intrigues me.”

Amir: “Did you learn about that at Berkeley?”

Sohrab:  “Yes! I love Berkeley. It is the wildest, yet most brilliant place of learning! Only the best of people are allowed to go there.  Not like that dreadful Stanford!”

Amir: ” Well Knock yourself out, dude…no no! Wait! It’s an expression!”

Shorab:  “Dude!”

Amir: “Here. Put some ice on that.  Here’s a smoothie.  It’s mango.”

Shorab: “I am becoming fond of – ow!-  smoothies, Dude.”