Fashion Weeks in Germany, Paris and Italy


It’s the triple threat of fashion this week! Germany, Italy, and Paris have become the centers of designer indulgence, with confections that are the dream of every social climbing fashionista in the world! The San Francisco Examiner has a killer article that provides a free ticket to all three countries, and views of hundreds of outfits!

There’s Prada, Vivienne Westwood, and Gucci for Italian flavor. Mode Woche, in Berlin includes the efforts of BOSS, Anja Gockel, and Patrick Mohr.  In Paris, there’s John Galliano (he’s British) for Dior (it’s complicated?) and Francois emeric, who seems to favor frocks that utilize the equivalent of twine and parachute fabric.

The models still don’t eat, have fabulous bodies, and are light years away from their expiration dates. There’s a mix of trends, with delightful ballgowns of an Audrey Hepburn vibe mixing in with those string and metal grommet contraptions that would make Hannibal Lecter stop eating people’s liver with fava beans.

Francoise Eymeric

John Galliano

There’s still a desire to pipe the hell out of bra topped, tight fitting dresses that make the wearer look as if she stepped out of Victorian London and into a time machine before she could finish dressing. With his hot pink and gold-piped frock, Georges Hobeika (Lebanese) seems to be saying “So what? It looks fabulous! And he’s right.

Georges Hobeika

Here’s a number by Christopher Joffe (French) that looks as if he hates women, but loves their legs. How in the hell do you design a mini skirted shroud? He managed. But he reedems himself with gowns that seem to dance on the air.

Christophe Josse Christophe Josse

You don’t have to be a golfer in order to hit the links today!  There are lots of views and lots of pages are right below!  Enjoy.

Paris Fashion Week

Germany Fashion Week

Italian Fashion Week

I could spend all day at these fashion weeks, but will end with the hat (and model) of the season!

John Galliano


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