Blood On The Diamonds; Cholera In The Blood

According to a Times Online article a few months ago, the death toll from  a Cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe had exceeded 1,100 souls.

In the comfort of my home, with the comfort of constant Cable News, I realized that more air time was given toBritany Spear’s comeback, Jennifer Anniston’s latest media whoring, and whether people will have to give up their botox  injections…a casualty of the domestic recession.

And where the hell was Dr. Gupta?

I had a strong suspicion that there’s something in it for the greedy wealth hogs of the world, or we wouldn’t be hearing about Cholera in Africa at all!

So, I researched Zimbabwe’s geographical goodies, with an eye for the valuable minerals that are the only thing (besides African animals) that America seems to care about!

Whoo!  The issue of Blood diamonds screams out first.   First of all, I would love to see the DeBeers legacy, sick, homeless and starving, given the money that they’ve looted from Africa. At the same time The DeBeers have ruined lives and let African humans suffer the worst of abuse and under the most perverted of treatment.

It makes me sick to look at a diamond these days, let alone hear about the evil diamond industry. The diamond industry propagandizes the “blood diamond” crisis, and spewing forth all forms of nonsense for their own enrichment, and without a care in the world for the people of the African continent.

Where was the “blood diamond” controversy when the blood on those diamonds was put there by Europeans? Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but apparently if we shut up about the blood that has been shed throughout the wretched history of the diamond industry, we can still indulge in our materialistic fantasies.

That is, until Africans get uppity about it and start mining and selling their own diamonds themselves.


I hope that the blood diamonds sink the big diamond cartels down into the biggest financial tackle in history. I hope that those greedy fools choke on what’s left of their ill gotten gains, from the diamond brokers to the diamond cutters to the diamond mongers.

The cold blooded murder and greed doesn’t stop at the diamond mines.

I looked further for strategic minerals that are so critical to the manufacture and sales of the Cheap Crap that we snap up so readily. What supports our construction, our warmongering, and our richness?

I found incredible information. Never question my spookiness at finding stuff.

Here’s a summary of the situation from 1984 from a Firm called Global Security.

Here’s a comprehensive discussion of what is called “The Persian Gulf” of strategic minerals.

Years ago, I had written a short story that included a Cholera epidemic in the West, during the Gold rush.

Here’s my understanding.  The Vibro de encapsulate, then begin to feed on plankton. The fish feed on the plankton. People feed on the fish or drink the untreated water.

Cholera becomes a disease when the bacterium get into the human body and wreak havoc,  including severe diarrhea which  enters the water table when poor sewage and septic conditions exist. Then, the disease cycle goes on.

O.K. So the vast amount of money that’s being made from strategic minerals, taken from the “Persian Gulf” of strategic minerals, doesn’t go to implement some of the hygienic protocols that have made Cholera an irrelevant disease here in the land of milk and honey.

But no. There’s President Mugabe, who is the hero of the anti colonial movement of Africa, Particularly the Rhodesian nightmare, and the horrors of colonialism in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe is controversial for snatching land back from the White farmers, which leads to his eternal castigation by those who want Africa’s version of the Deep South to rise again with Black Africans living in dependency, virtual serfdom, and poverty while Asian, European, and American interests gut the country and displace the righteous owners.

Mugabe has become a liability and needs to be retired.  His increasingly erratic behavior and decisions aren’t helping.  But neither is India, The Arab interest, and America.

The truth is: The world wants African animals and minerals, but don’t like those pesky African people. For every great African leader who had the potential to stabilize and enrich his country and his people; five foreign interests, mainly the US and Russia, have backed an ongoing era of meddling, destabilization, abuse, and internecine warfare.

And then there are those “great” movies that are set in Africa. Very few stories center on, or have as a lead actors,  Africans! Even Forest Whitaker’s historical Oscar nod was for a film that was centered on the experiences of an amoral Scottish physician. I refuse to watch those White-people-who-think-that-they’re-interesting in Africa movies. Any of them

So give me a break! President Mugabe had better not be the latest political casualty in this dirty big secret: the continuing greed and meddling in the affairs of African countries, where the people are not even an important consideration. I trust not one word that’s being reported about Pres. Mugabe.  Not one word. Whild Mugabe is responsible for a horrendous failure of competency,  there are too many lies being promulgated by evil and self-serving beneficiaries of enslavement and murder.

And cold blooded greed in a time of Cholera is always a terrible time. Nothing good comes of this.

Perhaps something good will come from the blood diamonds, though. I have never seen anything good about the so called “legitimate”  diamonds in those commercials, where classical music builds to an orgasmic crescendo and overcompensated White couples just make us sigh, wishing that we could be just like them.

Those commercials always give me visions of the worst of human enslavement and abuse.  I see blood on every diamond, no matter who made money off of it, cut it, or sold it.

While they were ignoring the Cholera epidemics.


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