Happy Sunday: The Answer Edition

I had a dream this morning
It ended with a question
The answer was:
“Please God”

I did not remember the question
It was a figment, long gone
The answer was:
“Please God”

A man did speak the answer
A very important man
Spoke the answer:
“Please God”

A voice so crystal, clean clear
A question unknown
And the answer:
“Please God”

It has been a long day of
Getting all that done
The answer still:
“Please God”

I do fly on damaged wings
But I can still fly
To destinations that
Please God
cropped demon chronicles for create space covermaker

Happy Sunday: Back to Basics Edition

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Thy Kingdom come,

thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

the power and the glory.

for ever and ever.


The winter will lose its cold,

as the snow will be without whiteness,

The night without darkness,

the heavens without stars,

the day without light,

The flower will lose its beauty,

all fountains their water,

the sea its fish,

the tree its birds,

the forest its beasts,

the earth its harvest –

All these things will pass before

anyone breaks the bonds of our love,

And before I cease caring for you in my heart.

May your days be happy in number as flakes of snow,

May your nights be peaceful,

and may you be without troubles.

france – matthew of rievaulx – 13th century

Happy Sunday: Love Edition

The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.
 blessing – bible – numbers 6:24-26

If I speak in the tongues of men and angels, but have not love,
I have become sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.And if I have prophecy and know all mysteries and
all knowledge, and if I have all faith so as to remove mountains,
but have not love, I am nothing.
And if I dole out all my goods, and
if I deliver my body that I may boast
but have not love, nothing I am profited.

Love is long suffering,
love is kind,
it is not jealous,
love does not boast,
it is not inflated.

It is not discourteous,
it is not selfish,
it is not irritable,
it does not enumerate the evil.

It does not rejoice over the wrong,
but rejoices in the truth

It covers all things, it has faith for all things,
it hopes in all things, it endures in all things.

Love never falls in ruins;
but whether prophecies, they will be abolished; or
tongues, they will cease; or
knowledge, it will be superseded.

For we know in part and we prophecy in part.

But when the perfect comes, the imperfect will be superseded.

When I was an infant,
I spoke as an infant, I reckoned as an infant;
when I became [an adult],
I abolished the things of the infant.

For now we see through a mirror in an enigma, but then face to face.
Now I know in part, but then I shall know
as also I was fully known.

But now remains faith, hope, love, these three;
but the greatest of these is love.

 1 corinthians 13:1-13


Happy Sunday: Let Us Not Be Stupid Edition




There is a war on religion and there are religions who have declared war on all of us. If atheists are not offending anyone and anything that smacks of religion, deviant and extremist religious groups are infuriating everyone who cannot tolerate their despicable behavior being attached to the name and will of God.

Satirists, artists, musicians, comedians, politicians and pundits manage to bombard us with a daily litany of anti or pro religious offense. There is a daily practice of attack and response. All of this is designed so that the combatants can run behind their right to “freedom of speech” when they go too far.  The problem is that they are compelled to go farther,  to sink lower and to barge into more offensive territory in order to get attention, power and, oh yes, money!

Muslims take a lot of heat because the more stupid and malignant ones have called for acts of hatred, murder and sadistic torture as acts that are supposed to please and be rewarded by God. When did God say that it was alright for us to bury helpless women, then stone them to death, to murder your own children, and to force children into slavery and marriages of rape and abuse?

Christians are notorious for doing just as much, if not far more wrong, and they just hate that someone else is doing the same things on a grander scale than ever before.

Other religions and mystic practices are so inward thinking and self serving that the narcissism makes the practitioners useless to the world, yet the same message of superiority over others is still there.

Atheists are not that well received in the world and they are lashing out more than ever.



So what is fueling this battlefield of offense, more offense and egregious self defense? Standard marketing and/or political organizing tactics that are known to move herds of weak minded and weak spirited people in one direction or another, that’s what.

Those tactics work to drag religion and spirituality into a battlefield where opposing dogmatic groups scramble to collect the largest collection of scraps: scraps of dominance, bits of power…and piles of money of course. It is always about money!

The Koch Brothers will go down in history as the engine of fake “grassroots” groups who push fake crises after obvious lie. President Obama is a Muslim. Let’s  make a chicken sandwich that is offensive to Gays. Gays, label anyone who criticizes you or fails to support you as anti-Gay. Christian deviants, show up and behave like monsters at soldier’s funerals and use abortions as your excuse.  Racist religious deviants,  support those who stalk and murder black children. Work hard to keep your own family of psychopaths, child beaters, and child predators out of prison.

Are any of you capable of finding any fault within yourselves? Have you lost the capability because there would be no  power, attention or money in confession and repentance?

Let the NRA run our government, then lie and call the Fast and Furious program a failure. The only failure came when the NRA would not allow the government to prosecute those who were captured under Fast and Furious. Keep perverting your concept of the  “second amendment”  until you kill yourselves  or are killed with your own overstuffed collections of weapons and ammunition.


How did the world get away from the fact that our God has already told us what will please or displease him?

We know that wagging a cross and bible around while doing evil is a worse offense to God than a failed faith. Keep doing evil while you wag that bible and cross, then see how you fare standing next to the poor fool you killed, abused or looked down upon when you had a chance to do better.

Stop doing battles that should never have started and get back on the right path. Those of us who are not doing battle, do not start doing battle on the side of wrong and evil. Everyone else, stay out of the way of the good because God put us and all of this together and God can take us and all of this apart.


Happy Sunday Publisher’s Edition

Here it is! It was a long journey and a tough one. I am a published author !

It is amazing how many people want their book in print and in their hands!

This is why self publishers need to consider publishing both:  print and eBook versions.

The Demon Chronicles

The Print Book is right here.

The Kindle Book is right here.

I have written the second volume and it is now in editing mode. The series will carry on through seven volumes. In the process of doing this, I learned some things that can help other writers who plan to self publish.

The first tip:  Go ahead and Self Publish.

Not self publishing is the biggest roadblock to self publishing. This sounds stupid, but is  actually very wise.

When a person publishes even a small book of short stories, poems, inspirations or photographs, a huge and exaggerated emotional barrier comes down for good.

The lessons are learned, the self defeat evaporates and the road to more self publishing is wide open!


Now I have to work on summarizing my series. This has not been easy!

It begins with three fractured, damaged and reluctant heroes who are dragged deeper and deeper into a world of love, more love, demons, stealth and crimes.

The demons are people who started role playing as demons and then forgot that they were once human. They have gone around the bend and are starting to cause a lot of havoc.

The series begins with the most shocking  murder scene in fiction, makes the reader fall in love with the great characters and hooks the reader on the twisting plots.

What is the scary part? We can’t rationalize this  grown up horror tale away.

While the people in this story are not real demons, the fake demons in this story are  real people.

Those people may live and walk amongst us, and that is enough to keep us awake at night!

Doing a series of novellas is different than putting it all into one book!

The second volume was harder because I had to refresh the reader about Volume I while carrying on with the story and adding in new characters.

Why did my characters come to love each other so much and to love with such a twist? Who are all these new people and why are they together? Did I just read that this one loves that one…and that one too?

I had to keep up with the main themes of love, more love, stealth demons and crimes that started in the first book  and will carry all the way through to the seventh book.

It is important to wrap up or continue all events, developments and characters. It is very easy to start a side story or a new character, then forget all about them! Seven Basque imps? Fallen angels? Yep. If there are demons, then those creatures are likely to be part of the mix too.

It gets important to remember every number, quantity, relationship and action, because the writer can forget exactly how much money, how many crates, why, who did what to whom,  and when who did it!

The FBI agent illegally looted an extra 24 boxes or so of evidence? Another FBI agent runs errand for the mob? Of course it can happen. The delicious task is for the writer to create a good reason why or how it happens.

Readers will not forget those details and they will not miss the mistakes, so neither should the author!

How to build a very  easy website:  This was part of my amateur book marketing and writer’s benefit project, so Here is my example.

I did not want my site to be just for hawking my book, so visitors  will find a couple of great articles on how to do a book cover and how to find a web building site!

I needed a website and kept balking at getting bogged down in such a tough project.

I found out that websites are now  as easy as setting up this blog.  Amazing.

My website is built with jimdo, which is the highest rated, but there are many other website builders. Do shop around and find the best website builder for your needs.

As always, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable site and that you actually need a set of features before you pay for anything!

Happy Sunday! I hope I have inspired at least one person to go ahead, realize that dream and get something copyrighted and published.

Happy Sunday: Watch Out and Check Your Computer Edition




A virus protection system was set up to firewall hundreds of thousands of computers that were infected with a “Doomsday virus”.

The U.S. government rounded up the hackers and stopped the virus last year. The virus rerouted infected computers through illegal servers, leading users to fake websites. In the end, hackers stole about $14 million.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wanted to allow plenty of time for consumers and service providers to locate and fix the virus, so they switched infected computers to virus free servers late last year.

This article  will give  a detailed description of the process.

Infected computers were rerouted through clean government servers. Non infected computers were not routed through the clean servers.

The clean servers were a temporary measure. The servers will  shut down on July 9, ending all protections. This is what is being wrongly called the “Doomsday” virus.

On July 9, infected computers will be routed through an older access system that is as slow as a “rotary dial version of the Internet”.

Many people still do not know that they have infected computers, so spread this word.






Check your computers at:

The FBI DNS Changer Virus Check Up page.

The page will immediately display a red symbol if your  computer is infected. Take action before the clean servers shut down on July 9.

If  green notice comes up, your computer is not infected.

Comcast customers can check their computers here.

Get good antivirus and keep it updated. Scan every week at least.

For low income Microsoft computer users, Microsoft Security Essentials has gotten a good review and can be downloaded for free!




According to Discovery News and GeekSquad UK, the malware is called “DNS Changer Trojan” or “Alureon” and was launched in 2007.

The malware infected windows and MAC computers.  4 million computers that were affected  worldwide,  with 500,000  in the United States alone.

The Trojan diverted victims to scam websites where hackers stole $14 million. The hackers, based in Estonia,  operated for about 4 years before they were caught.

Immediately shutting down the bad servers would have caused serious problems, so the U.S. government decided to set up clean servers and route the infected computers through them.

The clean servers have been protecting infected computers since then.

Many victims never knew that their computers were infected or that they were running through any kind of special Internet servers.

There will be more of these viruses, so make sure that you install and update the best anti virus.